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Les Chanteurs (3rd-6th* Grade)

Les Chanteurs is a choir intended for young singers who have had some prior singing experience, have demonstrated the ability to match pitch, and are ready to move on to independent 2-part singing. These treble choir members exhibit confidence in the use of their voices. Students will receive instruction on healthy vocal technique, sight-reading skills, music theory, and overall musicianship. Les Chanteurs singers will perform in at least two concerts each season, and may have the opportunity to audition for ACDA All-State Honor Choir .

*A placement audition may be required for new members before registering for this class. 3rd grade students may choose to sing in Les Petites Amis for one season without an audition. Returning members may submit full Registration Form and Fee through the REGISTRATION page above. Potential NEW members should fill out an Interest Form through the AUDITIONS page above, and a director will be in touch with you promptly.

Registration Fee: $75

Tuition Rates (see the Tuition Information page above for more details): 

* Option 1  $55/mo; $550/season

* Option 2  $40/mo; $400/season

* Option 3  $25/mo; $250/season

(All students, regardless of tuition commitment, will be full participants in all

Chorale des Amis activities.)


* Mondays 4:45-5:45 p.m.

* August 15 - May 15 (in accordance with LPSS Holiday and Closure calendar)

* St. Mary Catholic Church (419 Doucet Rd., Lafayette)

Director: Holly Grefe

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