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The belief of Chorale des Amis is that ALL CHILDREN DESERVE A QUALITY CHORAL MUSIC EDUCATION, and we are here to uphold that mission statement. With that in mind, and because of the struggles many families have and continue to face, the staff of Chorale des Amis have implemented new options for tuition rates. In previous seasons, full CDA tuition fees totaled approximately $550 per student, or $55/month for a 10 month season, operating at full capacity. Ideally, we would continue this rate, but also understand that not all families are able to meet this financial obligation. 

At the start of our 22-23 season, all students will pay an annual Registration Fee of $75 (CDA t-shirt included). Post registration, we will offer three tuition options, based on individual ability to pay. We ask that families consider their own and Chorale des Amis’ financial needs, and commit to the tuition amount that best suits your family’s budget. CDA will have limited scholarship opportunities available for students whose families are unable to meet the minimum tuition amounts defined below. The Staff and Board of Directors of Chorale des Amis are committed to making participation in CDA a possibility for all students, regardless of income limitations.  All students, regardless of tuition amount paid, will have the same opportunities and level of participation in Chorale des Amis. All financial information will be kept confidential.

Les Petits                                               La Chorale

Option 1: $400/Season; $40/mo                  Option 1: $550/Season; $55/mo

Option 2: $300/Season; $30/mo                  Option 2: $400/Season; $40/mo

Option 3: $200/Season; $20/mo                  Option 3: $250/Season; $25/mo


All Registration Fees, as well as recurring monthly payments, will include a 3% online processing fee. Full Season payments are exempt from the online fee.

All students, regardless of tuition commitment, will be full participants in all

Chorale des Amis activities.

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